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Oh, The Places You’ll Go (With A MOSI Membership)

Last summer, I had the brilliant idea of purchasing a Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI) Explorer Membership under the auspices of learning about science with my toddler. Truthfully, I got it to beat the heat on a 90+ degree day. Combine the hot weather with the need to get out with my then 3-year-old […]

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Staycation vs Shortcation: Florida Getaways You Can Afford

“Staycation” vs. “Shortcation”: Four Great (Short) Florida Getaways

When talk at the soccer game or baseball practice turns to summer plans, chances are you’ll hear something like this: “Oh, we can’t take a vacation this year. We’re going to do a staycation instead.” Ah, the “staycation,” that 21st-century buzzword that means “stay home and pretend you’re on vacation.” It’s a budget-friendly alternative to […]

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ABC’s of the Tampa Bay Area: Explore our City from Aquariums to Zoos (and everything in between!)

The ABC’s of Tampa Bay represent an array of activities, history and education spread between the entire Bay Area that encompasses Tampa Bay, St. Petersburg and Clearwater. I never realized how much was available in this city, I could add 100 more locations to visit. Our list pulls together all the different terrains the Tampa Bay […]

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Tampa International Airport is a Breeze for Families with Young Kids

Anyone who has ever done airplane travel with young children knows it requires an enormous amount of preparation, planning, and patience. Between making flights, waiting out long lines, and avoiding meltdowns, the entire process can start to feel like one big, daunting gauntlet. That’s probably why I always find myself marveling with appreciation at just […]

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Fort Myers

Fort Myers- 2 hours away and lots to do!

Running out of things to do with the kids in Tampa Bay? Try a weekend trip to Fort Myers! It’s only a 2 hour trip by car from the Tampa Bay area and offers tons of tourist activities and fun places to visit with the kids, not to mention it is close to Sanibel Island. […]

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