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Living My Best Life In My Activewear

Activewear, activewear, drinking coffee with my friends in my activewear. Activewear, activewear, shopping for activewear in my activewear. Activewear, activewear, doing literally nothing in my activewear. If you haven’t checked out the “Activewear” viral video on YouTube, head over now and take a look because it is hilarious. Mostly because I live in my gym […]

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Mom's Guide to Car Buying

A Mom’s Guide to Car Buying

My car has been paid off for almost a year and I’ve had the itch to go trade it in for something brand spanking new! There really wasn’t anything wrong with the old car, but it was starting to show signs of age.  It was a 2005 Honda Accord that I had bought used in […]

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