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Building Your Child’s Confidence Through Reading

Sponsored By: Academy at the LakesWords by Mrs. Debbie Szarko, Lower Division Librarian, Academy at the Lakes Mrs. Debbie Szarko started working at Academy at the Lakes in 1994. She has built a library program in which children are excited about reading. She teaches her students about virtues such as empathy, compassion, and perseverance. The […]

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Put An End to Homework Battles

I was checking homework recently when a note on the corner of one of my students’ papers caught my eye.  Scrawled in uppercase letters were the words, I HATE HOMEWORK.  The sentiment did not come from a surly middle-schooler, but rather a quiet, unassuming first-grader.  My reactions ranged from shock, to amusement, to empathy.  Shock, […]

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A Parent’s Guide for Volunteering at School

If you are active in your child’s school and are present, your children see that, they know you are interested in them and their day to day. You get the opportunity to spend a little extra time with your children, too! You have the opportunity to share with the classes, help out a teacher, and interact with other parents. My kids have always had awesome […]

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