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Why I Love Preschool (and You Should, Too)

Not all preschools work out. Some are mediocre, others are awful, and a handful are amazing. And while there’s definitely an across-the-board standard for certain aspects, there’s also a good amount of personal preference that determines whether you love or hate any particular school. Except ones that practice poor hygiene. You should probably just run […]

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You Know You're a Mom of Toddlers

You Know You’re a Mom of Toddlers When…

your longest stretch of uninterrupted sleep was in a toddler bed… you have 2 weeks’ worth of clean laundry strewn about your house… you turn sandwiches into animals/shapes/letters in the hopes that your kid will at least TASTE it before throwing it away… you sing at least one Daniel Tiger song per day in an attempt […]

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