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told me before I became a mom

Six Things I Wish I Someone Told Me Before I Became a Mom

  Nothing can prepare you for motherhood. Each mother is different and each baby is different, so there can’t possibly be a manual for motherhood. However, there are a few things I wish someone had told me before I entered this wild, wonderful, beautiful world of motherhood. A sort of list to prepare me for […]

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We need to back off moms on bouncing back

We Need to Back Off Moms On Bouncing Back

This past December we celebrated my daughter’s first birthday. There is a lot to take on during that first year with a baby. One of the biggest pressures moms face is “bouncing back” after baby. Let me start by saying every woman is different. Pregnancy affects everyone differently, both mind and body. Whether you’ve experienced […]

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Amanda Bernauer - Blog Pic 47

Is it a Phase or a Moon Phase?

I’m very blessed to have a pretty “chill” 11 month old little boy. If he whimpers, he’s not happy. If he’s not happy, there’s a reason. If he cries, there’s definitely a reason. I think Evan cried more last week than I’ve heard him cry in 11 months.  I’ve had him on a schedule since […]

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Inside Words vs. Outside Words

Did someone put a sign on my back when I wasn’t looking??? It’s possible that I’m more sensitive than others, but the below statements are just a few of the things that have been said to my face recently and I’m not too happy about it… “It doesn’t look like he misses a meal…” “You must […]

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