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Thankful Tree: Little Things We Are Thankful For

Thankful Tree: Little Things We Are Thankful For

As we approach Thanksgiving, we begin to stock up on turkey trimmings and… wrapping paper. We get so caught up in festivities, the hustle and bustle, that sometimes we forget that Thanksgiving is about giving thanks! Our family started a Thankful Tree this year (Thank you Pinterest!).  Thankful Tree We found a limb from Irma’s leftovers and put it into […]

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I Judge Other Parents and I’m Not Ashamed

     Before I was a parent, I judged parenting techniques. I would think to myself, “I’ll never do A, B, or C to my child like that parent did.” I would then stock-pile this list of things into a mental checklist. But also in this checklist, I would add the things I saw that […]

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These kids are at 11:24 on the Doomsday Clock. Impending tantrum!

Setting the “Child Doomsday” Clock

  According to The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, humankind’s clock is ticking. Recently, this group declared that since America struck a deal with Iran and climate change commitments continue to trickle in, we’re no worse off than we were last year in our chances for impending demise. Our species’ Doomsday Clock remains set at three […]

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Frozen. Ugh.

It was one of those Sundays where you had to get the family out of the house immediately before you go insane. But.. where to go that’s not too expensive? I know! I had seen a lot of commercials on television about the Frozen Experience at the International Plaza. I had visions of my adorable […]

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Mom's Guide to Car Buying

A Mom’s Guide to Car Buying

My car has been paid off for almost a year and I’ve had the itch to go trade it in for something brand spanking new! There really wasn’t anything wrong with the old car, but it was starting to show signs of age.  It was a 2005 Honda Accord that I had bought used in […]

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