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I Discovered my Fitness Passion; You Should Too

I Discovered my Fitness Passion; You Should Too

I spun and lifted my way through my 20’s. I jogged, kick boxed and Bodypumped my way through the decade. Youthful, energetic and free of familial obligations, I worked my butt off daily at the gym, I discovered my fitness passion. Fitness was my biggest hobby and my passion. In fact,  I spent so much […]

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BELONG Tour: Why You Really Don’t Want to Miss This and Your Chance to Win TICKETS!

This post is sponsored by: The BELONG TourLadies, I am SO excited to tell you all about the BELONG Tour – an amazing event coming to Tampa October 14-15 at the USF Sun Dome! The event features a wonderful lineup of inspirational women that you will definitely want to hear and learn from! These writers, musicians, […]

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Dear Mom Who Feels Like She’s Failing

Dear Mom Who Feels Like She’s Failing: You’re awesome!  I know you don’t think so right now, but you are!  Being a mom is a tough job.  We all have rough days that leave us beat down, exhausted, and feeling like we’ve failed. I’m here to tell you that all moms feel like this sometimes.  We’ve […]

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5 Inspirational Mantras for Moms

This season-of-craziness is upon us. I’ll be writing more about staying balanced through the holidays (it’s what I do), but I wanted to start with a few mantras we can embrace right now. Mantras don’t have to be complicated or overtly spiritual. The easier to remember the better. Here are 5 of my personal favorite […]

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