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We need to back off moms on bouncing back

We Need to Back Off Moms On Bouncing Back

This past December we celebrated my daughter’s first birthday. There is a lot to take on during that first year with a baby. One of the biggest pressures moms face is “bouncing back” after baby. Let me start by saying every woman is different. Pregnancy affects everyone differently, both mind and body. Whether you’ve experienced […]

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Please Excuse My Appearance…

I often pray I don’t bump into anyone when I run into the grocery store. And if I do, I’d like to pretend to be Kristin Wiig during the airplane scene in the movie Bridesmaids when she slides down in her seat and sheepishly says, “Um no, it’s not me, I’m with him, I’m…I’m Mrs. […]

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Banned substances for the dairy-free nursing mom

Go Dairy-Free and Keep Your Sanity

Minutes before my daughter was diagnosed with a milk protein allergy, I was planning to fill a cart with after-Easter candy. I told my husband so as we passed CVS on the way to her supposedly routine checkup. Ah, chocolate-drenched marshmallow eggs and milk chocolate bunnies! All mine after this appointment, I said, an attagirl […]

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When Parents Live in Fear of Their Children (I’m Looking At You)

I’m not talking about Children of the Corn here (hopefully), but I think it’s safe to say that all parents live in fear of their kids to some degree. Yes, we all worry about them getting hurt or having their hearts broken; I’m not talking about that either. Sure, they’re cute and silly and funny and we […]

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10 random observations

10 Random Observations about Breastfeeding

In honor of World Breastfeeding Week (August 1-7), we bring you some random observations about breastfeeding. “It’s dinnertime, baby…” Your baby’s reaction to dinnertime… That judgmental look when you are out to eat and *gasp*, your baby wants to eat, too. When that guy figures out you’re not flashing him… What you want to say […]

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The struggle is real.

Me, 3 Kids and Tampa Bay

The other day my husband came to me with the most horrific news I’ve ever heard. He said he had to work all weekend. Saturday AND Sunday – 9 to 6 No. No, no, no, no, no! That would leave me, alone, with our 3 children ALL weekend. First, I cried. Then I plotted his […]

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