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30 day health and wellness

My 30 Day Health and Wellness Challenge

My 30 day health and wellness challenge was easy to start. Set your goal, choose your time frame, frame your thoughts and begin your challenge. Beginning the challenge was exciting and fun. Completing the challenge was just that a challenge. Behaviors are difficult to change. Whether you are trying to lose weight, eat less of […]

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Is Your Parenting Style Making Your Child Fat?

CBS News recently posted an article: Rigid parenting style linked to obese kids The article discussed two parenting styles and the possible connection to a child’s weight. Authoritarian parenting style is defined in the article as “inflexibility over rules and a lack of emotional responsiveness.” Alternatively, the Authoritative parents are “generally affectionate, willing to discuss behavior […]

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POP Goes the Waistline

POP Goes the Waistline!

Who has watched their waistline change over the last several years especially after having kids?  Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and weight management can be a challenge for many moms and families.  Busy schedules, lack of sleep, financial challenges and other factors contribute to stress eating or just grabbing food on the go. During Childhood Obesity […]

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