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kid friendly, thanks filled Thanksgiving

A Kid Friendly, Thanks Filled Thanksgiving

Hands down, my favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. I now look forward to a kid friendly, thanks filled Thanksgiving each year. I reached this conclusion at some point in my mid-twenties. That’s when I realized the beautiful simplicity of just taking the time to share a meal with family and friends was much more precious than […]

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DIY Garage Organization Tips on a Budget

Take advantage of the milder temperatures before the hot Tampa weather arrives and get your garage in order on the cheap. No one enjoys the task, but the outcome is well worth the time and money investment to keep sane. Afterall, your garage is meant to at least hold one car in case of inclement […]

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DIY coasters

Getting Crafty: DIY Coasters

I’m back with another Getting Crafty project! Last year, I decided to make homemade Christmas gifts for our parents and grandparents by making photo canvases.  This year, I continued the tradition of homemade gifts by making coasters for my friends, family, and coworkers. A quick trip to the local hardware store and craft store and […]

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