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I Judge Other Parents and I’m Not Ashamed

     Before I was a parent, I judged parenting techniques. I would think to myself, “I’ll never do A, B, or C to my child like that parent did.” I would then stock-pile this list of things into a mental checklist. But also in this checklist, I would add the things I saw that […]

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Why are there no diaper changing stations in the mens’ bathroom?!

photo credit Koala YOU TAKE HIM TO THE BATHROOM! Do you ever find yourself getting a little annoyed with being the one to always take the kid to the bathroom for a diaper change? Always having to stop eating that hot juicy steak within minutes of it being served at your favorite restaurant? While we […]

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It should be law

Thanks Ashton!

Ashton Kutcher is mad. He just became a dad five months ago – but he’s running into a problem that a lot of men have been struggling with for a long time. Rarely, are there changing tables in the men’s restroom. He took to his Facebook page, which has 18 million followers, to rant about […]

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This afternoon, my husband made me an amazing steak sandwich. He used the good bread… Pepperjack cheese… Yummy steak… And he even chopped-up and grilled onions. It’s a sandwich I will remember forever. He may actually get sex tonight. After 14 years of marriage and 3 kids – it’s that kind of romantic gesture that […]

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Survival Time – My super secret thoughts revealed…

Being a mom is hard. Sometimes we think things we’re not proud of. I know the toughest time of the day, for me, is that period of time when I have all 3 of my children by myself… And the time my husband gets home from work. I call these hours – Survival time. Here […]

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