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I Judge Other Parents and I’m Not Ashamed

     Before I was a parent, I judged parenting techniques. I would think to myself, “I’ll never do A, B, or C to my child like that parent did.” I would then stock-pile this list of things into a mental checklist. But also in this checklist, I would add the things I saw that […]

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Why are there no diaper changing stations in the mens’ bathroom?!

photo credit Koala YOU TAKE HIM TO THE BATHROOM! Do you ever find yourself getting a little annoyed with being the one to always take the kid to the bathroom for a diaper change? Always having to stop eating that hot juicy steak within minutes of it being served at your favorite restaurant? While we […]

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It should be law

Thanks Ashton!

Ashton Kutcher is mad. He just became a dad five months ago – but he’s running into a problem that a lot of men have been struggling with for a long time. Rarely, are there changing tables in the men’s restroom. He took to his Facebook page, which has 18 million followers, to rant about […]

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This afternoon, my husband made me an amazing steak sandwich. He used the good bread… Pepperjack cheese… Yummy steak… And he even chopped-up and grilled onions. It’s a sandwich I will remember forever. He may actually get sex tonight. After 14 years of marriage and 3 kids – it’s that kind of romantic gesture that […]

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Survival Time – My super secret thoughts revealed…

Being a mom is hard. Sometimes we think things we’re not proud of. I know the toughest time of the day, for me, is that period of time when I have all 3 of my children by myself… And the time my husband gets home from work. I call these hours – Survival time. Here […]

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Father's Day Gift Ideas

Top 10 Father’s Day Gifts for 2014

Now that Mother’s Day is behind us, it’s time to celebrate the fathers. From our dads, to our stepfathers, to the father of our children and even to those men who Hallmark thoughtfully says, “You’re like a father to me” men — we will celebrate all of these fathers on Sunday, June 15th. For more […]

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