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kids eat free tampa bay

Kids Eat Free and other Dining Deals in Tampa Bay

As a stay-at-home mom, I’m always searching for great deals. I enjoy going out to eat with my family but the cost adds up quickly. Dining out is a nice option on nights when are you are not in the mood to cook. However, it’s also a luxury for those on a budget or have […]

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The 5 Stages of Wifey Leaving You (Alone with the Kids While She Regains Her Sanity)

Our guest dad writer, Jason, shares The Five Stages of Wifey Leaving You Alone with the Kids While She Regains Her Sanity.  1) DENIAL. It can’t be the weekend already. Tonight can’t be the night where she hangs with her friends. “Honey…is tonight the night you are meeting your friends?” “Yes.” No worries they will cancel. […]

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Matt and Calvin

A Devoted Dad, a Baseball, and a Dog

Before our son was born I don’t think my husband had much experience with kids. The morning after we brought Calvin home, I woke up with the most excruciating headache of my life and couldn’t hold even ice water down. I remember the look of panic on Matt’s face when I told him I knew I […]

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Things I've Learned from My Daddy

My Dad is the best. He’s a strong, hardworking man who puts the needs of his family first and goes well above and beyond to make sure we’re taken care of. He’s brilliant, quirky, silly and just fun to be around. He busted his butt so my brothers and I could have the best education […]

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