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Let’s get Selfish – Why breast is best for MOMS!

This is Breastfeeding week – And you’ve probably read a lot of warm and fuzzy posts about the beautiful bonding experience moms and babies share while up at 2am staring into each others loving eyes… Or perhaps you’ve read some maddening posts about moms who were HORRIFICALLY told they are one step away from publicizing […]

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DIY Projects for Your Baby Nursery

I should probably start with a disclaimer. I’m no expert crafter. But I am resourceful! My inspiration usually comes from things I see and like, but don’t  necessarily want to buy. So while one hand pinches pennies, the other grabs the scissors and glue with a Hey-I-can-do-that attitude. My latest project is the nursery of […]

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Tampa Bay Inspired Baby Names

I have a secret hobby – a rather odd one at that. Baby naming! I suppose that’s a common activity of many expectant moms. But this quirky interest of mine started long before I had children of my own to name. I can remember giving my dolls and pets elaborately thought out names. Like “Cleopatra” […]

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