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The Ups and Downs of a Breastfeeding Superhero…

Last week, my three year old asked me if breastfeeding was my superpower. I decided to nurse my two sons because of the many benefits associated with breastfeeding – passing on maternal immunities to disease, promoting brain growth and development, dropping the pregnancy weight, and swiftly creating a tight emotional connection. I had a goal […]

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Hello, Connectivity; Goodbye, Childhood1

Hello, Connectivity; Goodbye, Childhood

I hear phrases nowadays like “free-range parenting” and it makes me sad. The world in which we’re raising our children is vastly different from the one I remember. Don’t get me wrong; there are plenty of advantages to our current level of connectedness. Access to instant information helps us to know what’s going on as it’s […]

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Let’s get Selfish – Why breast is best for MOMS!

This is Breastfeeding week – And you’ve probably read a lot of warm and fuzzy posts about the beautiful bonding experience moms and babies share while up at 2am staring into each others loving eyes… Or perhaps you’ve read some maddening posts about moms who were HORRIFICALLY told they are one step away from publicizing […]

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tough gut-3

Tuning into My Gut is Tough

Not your literal mom’s gut, that deep down thought of, ‘I should have said something’ gut feeling. Listening to your ‘mother’s gut’ is advice others preach, but doesn’t mean anything until you’re in that actual moment of having to use it. That something isn’t right feeling means so much more after I became a mom. Mostly […]

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Instead of Time-out: 8 Practical Alternatives to Create More Connection in Your Family

When I was the parent of a young child, I was a time-out junkie. I didn’t want to hit my son for his misbehavior and I didn’t want to yell at him, so I needed some tools to help me. Time-out seemed like a gentle alternative and it served me well as a positive step […]

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Darn you, Taylor Swift!

Darn you Taylor Swift. Darn you. Let me begin my admitting, yes, I am a Taylor Swift fan.. And if she weren’t coming in concert on Halloween…HALLOWEEN… I would be bopping along like a 13 year old to all of her awesome songs… But right now, she’s not my favorite person. It’s because of something she […]

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