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You Know You're a Mom of Toddlers

You Know You’re a Mom of Toddlers When…

your longest stretch of uninterrupted sleep was in a toddler bed… you have 2 weeks’ worth of clean laundry strewn about your house… you turn sandwiches into animals/shapes/letters in the hopes that your kid will at least TASTE it before throwing it away… you sing at least one Daniel Tiger song per day in an attempt […]

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Why I’m (Considering) Not Throwing My Daughter a First Birthday Party

I’m still considering if I should write this post, do I really not want to throw her a first birthday party? In between diapers, voice experimenting screams and milking on demand, no, I don’t want to plan a birthday party for a baby that won’t remember anything. I know the party is more for the adults, but I […]

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Simple Candy-Free Valentine’s Day Ideas for Class

At every holiday it seems that we head straight to the candy aisle to pick up some treats for our children’s special activity or exchange at school. Valentine’s Day is no exception. And just like Halloween, it is almost a requirement to hand out candy to your sweetheart. As you peer down the candy aisles, […]

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This afternoon, my husband made me an amazing steak sandwich. He used the good bread… Pepperjack cheese… Yummy steak… And he even chopped-up and grilled onions. It’s a sandwich I will remember forever. He may actually get sex tonight. After 14 years of marriage and 3 kids – it’s that kind of romantic gesture that […]

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