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You do the math: Years vs. Months

  I’m 430 months old! How ridiculous does that sound? Why is it that some parents insist on continuing to refer to their child’s age in months? I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to have to math every time I hear your child’s age. In my mind, age and math work out […]

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Commuting with Kids: a Working Mom’s Survival Guide

No one likes a long commute. Waking up early and fighting through traffic? No, thanks. Some days, you do everything right, leave on time, and you’re still late. Thanks a lot, freak thunderstorm. Hey, delirious vagrant wandering down the middle of the road – couldn’t have done it without you. But the really tough part about having […]

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40 Something First Time Mom

Tales of a 40-Something First-Time Mom

Not long ago, I had a semi-significant birthday. A “nine” birthday. Nine birthdays are like a commercial break in a horror movie. They leave you hanging on the edge of a precipice, wondering what’s coming next as you rush to the kitchen for popcorn. And this nine was a real biggie. I’m well past 29-again. I […]

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Show Off That Cape

New Year Resolution: Super Mom, or Super Bomb?

I’m not usually one for making New Year resolutions. I used to be, until I realized I fall squarely under the category of those who abandon their resolutions by the end of January. Last week, however, I came across an old birthday card while cleaning out my file cabinet.  Bright, bold colors and graphics reminiscent […]

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PicMonkey Collage

My Love-Hate Relationship with our Elf on the Shelf

The holidays are upon us which means one thing…..Chippy the Elf makes his return to the Crimella household.  Cue the excitement from my kids and the utter panic/terror from yours truly!  The kids have looked forward to having their friend back after a year long stay in the North Pole (aka my underwear drawer…long story, […]

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