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6 Healthy Valentine’s Day Snacks for Kids

Valentine’s Day is usually celebrated with lots of sweet treats. Every store is stocked with a variety of chocolates, cakes, candy and cookies. It can be a challenge finding a nutritious substitute perfect for Valentine’s Day. If you’re looking for a healthy alternative for your child, I can help.  Here’s six simple but nourishing snacks […]

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Flu Flu Go Away

Flu, Flu Go Away

A Flu Story The last time I had the flu I was single. My muscles ached so bad; it hurt to lift my arm. I felt like I was hit by a truck and every move was painful. I recovered never to have the flu again until twenty-two years later. Fast forward to January 2018. […]

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I Discovered my Fitness Passion; You Should Too

I Discovered my Fitness Passion; You Should Too

I spun and lifted my way through my 20’s. I jogged, kick boxed and Bodypumped my way through the decade. Youthful, energetic and free of familial obligations, I worked my butt off daily at the gym, I discovered my fitness passion. Fitness was my biggest hobby and my passion. In fact,  I spent so much […]

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