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What Kind of Workout Will Work?!

  We’re now far enough into the New Year that the shiny fun newness of those weight loss resolutions have worn off. Maybe you just aren’t seeing the results you had hoped for by now?  If so, there’s a good chance you aren’t doing the right kind of exercise.  So what is the right type […]

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Giving Up the Giant Mommy Bag

So much of motherhood is transitioning from one thing to another for our kids. We transition from bottles to feeding soft foods to self feeding to full on use of steak knives and ordering for themselves at restaurants. We go from bathing them and dressing them to nagging them to shower to yelling at them […]

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Tween, Mom, and Phone

Egads- I’m the Mother of a Tween!

I didn’t want to admit it. I tried to ignore it. Then the evidence piled up until I had no choice but to acknowledge it. My daughter is officially a tween! Here are a pieces of incontrovertible evidence, courtroom style. Exhibit 1 She started caring, really caring, about pop music. She has favorite radio stations […]

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bear in bed

Top 5 Tips For Helping Someone On Bed Rest

January is Cervical Cancer Awareness Month.  I spent three months on bed rest when I was pregnant with my daughter thanks to a previous bout with cervical cancer so I wanted to share some tips on helping folks on bed rest. If you have a friend or loved one on bed rest, here are my […]

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