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30 day health and wellness

My 30 Day Health and Wellness Challenge

My 30 day health and wellness challenge was easy to start. Set your goal, choose your time frame, frame your thoughts and begin your challenge. Beginning the challenge was exciting and fun. Completing the challenge was just that a challenge. Behaviors are difficult to change. Whether you are trying to lose weight, eat less of […]

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social life mom

How to Love Your Social Life as a Mom

  Social Life before Pregnancy You See, pre-baby everything is very much based on freedom. Going out on short notice or grabbing that last-minute trip deal –  friends will know you as socially reliable – you’re one of the inner-circle. The couple that will be at “ every event”, whatever that may be, and you’re […]

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Mox Shoes:: Adding Style to Your Day

  You Have Mail! The Mox shoes came in a netted black bag with a easy to carry handle. Upon opening the package part of me was expecting the same material as the jelly shoes. Showing my age, but if anyone remembers them, they had thick plastic, and where very popular. After looking over the […]

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Turning Terrible Twos into Terrific!

  We have all been there  We have all heard the term “Terrible Twos” referring to an extremely difficult time. Your toddler has temper tantrums, says no often and is not listening. You dread this time in your pregnancy as you hear stories from other Mothers who have experienced these behaviors. As your own child […]

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