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On Being a Daddy

I never thought I’d…grow up to be like my “Daddy.” Sure, every little boy wants to grow up and be like his daddy, and an astronaut, baseball player, and super hero. Until I became a dad I really didn’t understand what being a great dad meant. One of my favorite quotes about being a dad […]

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The Early Years…

Last Wednesday my wife, three sons–Matthew, 26, Chris, 20, David, 19 and I were sitting around the dinner table. The topic of eating out at a restaurant came up. You have to imagine how this topic went. My wife and I had totally different memories of the early years than the boys did. I had brought […]

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Rich and his family enjoying family time playing baseball and jumping at AirHeads!

"As a Father, I never thought I'd…"

Enjoy Boy Bands.  My sons sing to everything, I mean EVERYTHING.  Their greatest hits: “it’s clean up time, it’s clean up time, lets put our things away” or the classic “What’s gonna work?  Team-work!  What’s gonna work…teamwork!’.  JT, watch out, the Heruska boys have their beats down.   Admit that woman are the dominant sex.  […]

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PicMonkey Collage

It's here! Are you ready?

Well it’s here…the dreaded hurricane season, that is.  Let’s talk a little bit about being prepared.  Our area has been very blessed over the past couple of years, but as we have seen from recent events in Oklahoma, you just never know.    Your hurricane preparation kit Important documents binder The first thing I am […]

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