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tips to prevent colds

Nine Tips To Avoid A Cold

I read an article recently stating the average child gets 6 – 12 colds a year. A child is exposed at daycare, playing with other children and when going out in public. As a special needs mom, I limit the amount of exposure as much as I can. My number one weapon? Washing hands. I know it sounds […]

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new year

What “Not” To Do in 2017

As we approach a fresh, new year full of hope, aspirations, and expectations, you may find your “to do” list already filling up with activities. The calendar you received for the holiday already has many events scheduled. But what if I suggested erasing some of these “must do” tasks? For you and for your children. […]

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Holiday Events in Tampa Bay

Fun December Events With A Cause in Tampa Bay

Opportunites abound for things to do this holiday season in the Tampa Bay Area. Offered below are events with a purpose. You can have fun and benefit a charity at the same time. Sounds like a “win-win”. Get out your calendar and make holiday memories! Annual Winter Wonder Ride December 10th, 2016- The 6th Annual […]

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unique gift ideas

Unique Gift Exchange Ideas

Have you ever heard of a family forgoing gifts for the holidays to create a different way to celebrate? Often you hear the stories after the fact and think, “Wow, I wish I would have done that.” So, at the beginning of the gift giving season, let’s see what unique holiday exchange ideas you could […]

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Mommy Worry: A Battle To Overcome

Worry can easily take over our emotions to where we can’t even breathe at times. The what if’s take our thoughts over before we even know it. One worry takes over another and soon we try to remember ever being worry-free. Been there? Mom Worry Being a mom, worry comes with territory. Will your child […]

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