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10 Signs You’re A Distracted Driver

April is Distracted Driving Month. Can you believe as a society we have a month dedicated to such a cause? It’s pretty pathetic we need reminders to pay attention while driving, but we obviously do. I admit – I’m a distracted driver. What mom out there isn’t a distracted driver when kids are in the car? […]

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Fifty Shades for Everyday Moms

Whether or not you like the book and now movie, Fifty Shades of Grey, this isn’t a post or personal endorsement of the book. In fact, I’ve yet to finish the first book. Instead, this a post about sex and what makes a great sex life for moms. Sex isn’t a topic moms discuss in […]

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Mom without Margin

A Mom Without Margin

Stressed. Exhausted. Overwhelmed. Maxed-out. Overloaded. Just a few symptoms of a mom without margin in her life.  What is margin?  I’m not talking about the nice white border around a sheet of notebook paper, or the financial banking term. I’m talking about the margin, or space, around our life which provides us with cushion. According […]

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Babysitter 411

Babysitter 411 – Tips To Find A Great Babysitter

It’s inevitable. When you have kids, you’ll need a babysitter. Whether it’s a social event, a weeknight dinner out, or simply to run errands by yourself, babysitters are must-haves in our busy parenting lives. There are many childcare options in the Tampa Bay area, along with a variety of childcare needs. Some families need a full-time nanny or […]

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