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Parenting Pet Peeves

Parenting Pet Peeves

Pet peeves – We’ve all got them. Those annoying little things in life, which irritate us, make our skin crawl or make us want to yell at the top of our lungs. One of my biggest pet peeves is when people decide for themselves to form one long line behind three cashiers at the local drugstore. […]

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Distracted driver

Are You A Distracted Driver?

Here’s a label you don’t want to claim – Distracted Driver. But sadly, the majority of us are distracted drivers. Did you know that the month of April is Distracted Driver Awareness Month? Probably not. It doesn’t seem to get enough press. Although just two weeks ago I read about a guy in Tampa who bent down […]

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A Guide to Middle School

I’m a newbie mom to the world of middle school. My daughter is in the sixth grade and my experience with middle school is limited. To preface this post, let me say that transitioning into the middle school years is very personal for each child and family. What works for one family, or even one child […]

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Christmas Eve Traditions

Christmas Eve is a magical time, and the traditions families create make it even more magical. I had the pleasure of asking my Facebook friends to share their Christmas Eve traditions. What a treat to be invited into their experiences and to see how they make Christmas Eve special. For me personally, I love traditions and […]

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The Holiday KISS – Ways to Keep It Simple

Thanks to my high school English teacher, I have a mantra to help me survive this holiday season – the K.I.S.S. formula – Keep It Simple Stupid. I don’t know about you, but Halloween and all the hoopla around it was ridiculous! From the Booing, the Trunk-or-Treating, the Book-O-Ween school parades, the neighborhood block parties, to candy donations, to […]

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What Moms Really Want For Mother’s Day

Where would we be without our mothers? We obviously wouldn’t be on this planet without them. For more than 100 years, Americans have celebrated Mother’s Day thanks to the efforts of Anna Jarvis who in 1905 went to great lengths to honor and memorialize her own mother. President Woodrow Wilson made it official in 1910 and […]

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