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4 gifts

Four Presents? Does It Really Work?

A want. A need. Something to read. Something to wear. Sound familiar? Every year, around this time, the memes start showing up on Facebook about this gift giving strategy and the responses are almost always the same, “I wonder if this works?” “I would love to try this, but my kids/husband/parents won’t buy into this.” […]

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Our Journey:: Trigonocephaly and our daughter

Where we are… October is a tough month for our family. The anniversary of my daughter’s cranial reconstruction looms large. On October 20, 2009, we handed her over to a nurse and listened to her scream all the way down the hallway. She still does not like people who wear scrubs, by the way, but […]

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Back to Homeschool

Going back to school reminds me of pencil boxes, lunch boxes, new teachers, and Trapper Keeper notebooks (yes, I’m a child of the 80s). However, back to school for my family means working at the dining room table with mom (or without mom) on various subjects throughout the day. You will often find my kids […]

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