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Paint Colors

A Tampa Bay summer with a toddler? Help!

So I get it, we aren’t the normal situation. Most people with a 3 year old either have daycare established that can continue through the summer months, or have a stay at home component. We don’t. Our son has been asked to leave 2 day cares, one for hitting last October, and one because he […]

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lesbians guide to infertility

This Lesbians Guide to Infertility

      Ahhh, infertility, our story of being a lesbian couple dealing with it. Our story starts sounding like a bad, ill informed stereotype. We wanted children, so being two women; we went the seemingly easy route and tried at home insemination with a friend. We flew our donor in from New York several times to […]

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Austims Spectrum St. Petersburg Tampa Bay

Adopting a child with SPD: The Hidden Gift

          So I am one of the lucky ones. I had always said, when we were trying to get pregnant that my main concern was spectrum issues. I was fearful of it. Not because of the actual child’s issues, but because of the self blame. Was it because I didn’t eat organic. Was it because […]

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