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Banned substances for the dairy-free nursing mom

Go Dairy-Free and Keep Your Sanity

Minutes before my daughter was diagnosed with a milk protein allergy, I was planning to fill a cart with after-Easter candy. I told my husband so as we passed CVS on the way to her supposedly routine checkup. Ah, chocolate-drenched marshmallow eggs and milk chocolate bunnies! All mine after this appointment, I said, an attagirl […]

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These kids are at 11:24 on the Doomsday Clock. Impending tantrum!

Setting the “Child Doomsday” Clock

  According to The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, humankind’s clock is ticking. Recently, this group declared that since America struck a deal with Iran and climate change commitments continue to trickle in, we’re no worse off than we were last year in our chances for impending demise. Our species’ Doomsday Clock remains set at three […]

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Playlist for Parenting

In her book The Power of Music, author Elena Mannes explains how music affects us. It’s a powerful force, she says, one that can prove beneficial in a variety of scenarios. Ms. Mannes, my experience as a mother proves you right. Throughout this childrearing journey, music is helping me keep a sense of humor. As I […]

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