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Sweetfields Farm sunflower fields

Get Lost in a Maze of Sunflowers at Sweetfields Farm

Sunflowers have long been admired for their beauty and happy disposition. With their bright yellow petals also known as rays, sunflowers always cheer me up and remind me of the warm Florida sun. If you want to add some extra sunshine to your spring, plan a day trip to visit Sweetfields Farm for its annual sunflower […]

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Train ride at the Florida Railroad Museum

Train Excursions Await at the Florida Railroad Museum

If you have a little locomotive engineer like I do, you’re sure to find that a weekend train excursion at the Florida Railroad Museum is well worth the drive to rural Manatee County. When you arrive in Parrish, about 30 miles south of Tampa, follow the train tracks. Just don’t expect them to lead you to a “look […]

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spreading sunshine teaching kindness to kids

Spreading Sunshine: Teaching Kindness to Kids

I have a dear friend, Rachel, who is the kindest, friendliest soul I’ve ever known. Friends describe her as sunshine, and appropriately, she loves sunflowers, which are almost as bright and beautiful as her kind heart. Rachel recently got engaged, and at her engagement party, I was asked what part of Rachel’s personality I looked forward […]

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