Back-to-School: Preparing for My Rookie Season

Apparently, there is a season I didn’t know existed until now. It’s called the back-to-school season. I’ve just been introduced to it since my daughter started VPK this year. It’s kinda like a little trial run for next year’s entrance into the big K.

Actually, to be completely honest, the ONLY reason there are words on this page is thanks to VPK. My house is completely quiet. I shipped the hubby off to work with an adequate amount of coffee and dropped the kiddo off at VPK. Ahhhhh…the house is sooooooo peaceful and quiet! This new-to-me season also means eating breakfast without interruptions and drinking HOT coffee. Yes…that’s right…I have re-entered the world of drinking coffee hot. Freshly made kinda hot. It’s truly hot. Not just because I’ve had to microwave it a thousand times. Oooooo…I love you back-to-school season and VPK!

And because I’m a planner by nature, I’m preparing now for the challenges I will face during my rookie year. Topping my list of concerns? The dreaded car drop off/pick up line. Why must such a thing exist and ruin the beauty of back-to-school season?!?! Luckily there are those who are willing to share their experiences, tips, and wisdom to help out rookies like me!

Diana shared so much wisdom about that crazy car line. Remember that game show with a phone-a-friend lifeline??? Yep…I would confidently tell the host to call Diana ‘cause I’m sure she would have the answer!

Moms Guide to Surviving the Car Line Blues

Another idea that I’m totally going to implement is Kelly’s idea of the snack-filled butterfly bag. It’s seriously genius! It’s an activity that I can delegate to my kiddo. All I have to do is provide the supplies. A bag of snack mix, a box of snack bags, and pipe cleaners. Set her up at the table and let her assemble everything. A time-consuming activity to keep the kiddo entertained and one less item on my to-do list. Like I said…GENUIS!

Classroom Snacks for Back to School

I still have a year before we take that big leap into the Kindergarten pool. However, I feel a little more prepared thanks to the tips of those who have been there done that. But shhhhh…don’t mention the school supply list to me yet…I’m not ready to admit that such a daunting task exists!

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