Showing My Kids the Importance of Voting

Today, despite feeling under the weather, I voted. I made a point to tell my kids I was going to vote. While, they are too young to truly understand the importance of voting, I still made sure I told them. When I got home I showed them my sticker. At 3 and 1 years old, obviously this was enough to get them to want to vote. I could have easily made the excuse to stay in bed because of my head cold. But instead, I perused some websites to get informed on our candidates.

Voting in local elections is important, but if you’re like me, you don’t fully know the candidates. Instead, it’s important to do your research, but where exactly? First, I signed up to get a sample ballot for my political party. That’s where I started. If you didn’t do that, no worries just simply Google – Sample Ballots and you’ll find your way.

Next, I took the names from the ballots and started Googling them. You’ll find lots of resources, these are the ones that I found helpful.

The Tampa Bay Times did a write up on the candidates where they asked them questions about relative issues. 

I also looked at 411 Vote where they also asked candidates questions. 

Finally, I Googled the names of the individual candidates to see what news stories came up and I read those as well. 

I find that diversifying my information helps me to get a more well rounded view of the candidates. 

Then I confirmed my voting location at  I grabbed my driver’s license and set forth on my journey, fully prepared to wait in line. This is the only time where I’m happy to wait in line because it means that everyone is getting their voices heard. Instead, I waltzed right in and with no wait placed my ballot. 

Arriving home I felt accomplished knowing that I did all that I could do to make a difference. I hope that as fellow Tampa Bay moms that everyone got out a voted today, if not for yourself, for our children’s future! Teaching our children the importance of voting is vital to their future. Knowing that they can help to shape their future is empowering. It shows them that one voice can make a difference. 

Reminder that polls are open until 7 pm tonight so you still have time!


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