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Writing is different for each person. We each have reasons for why we write. We would like to share a few of those reasons with you here. 

My life is currently all about the ABCs and potty training. While I wouldn’t have it any other way, I enjoy having something that’s mine. Being able to blog for TBMB allows me to take time to reflect and share my opinions on a variety of topics that are important to me.

– Stacy Gosnell

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I write because it’s the craft that I love. I enjoy the work of organizing words to communicate an idea, to tell a story. Writing is a great way to connect with the world around me.

– Naomi D’Antonio

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Writing has always been a way for me to relieve stress and relax. I enjoy putting my thoughts to pen (well nowadays to type) and seeing what flows. I also believe as moms, we all have strong opinions, interesting experiences, and personal struggles. To be able to utilize my passion for writing to share my thoughts with other moms is special. You never know who may be out there reading your words and feeling inspired, amused, or comforted by them. I have had people reach out to me to say what I have written has helped them or been something they can relate to and I find that a rewarding part of sharing words that are personal to me.

– Wendy Spiriti

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Diana Anoice AndreI write because it’s therapeutic. Writing puts me in a calm space. It also gives me an outlet for my voice to be heard.

– Diana Anioce Andre

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Kim McNeely

As a stay at home, I know how isolating and lonely it can feel. I have been a (mostly) stay at home mom for 10 years. Some days I don’t see another adult until my husband walks in the door after a hard day’s work and he may be tired but I want to talk. About anything. It could be something the kids did, something I saw, something I watched on TV, or some random thoughts I had that day. My husband is great and he listens, but sometimes I need mom friends.

I like writing because it gives me that connection with other moms in our community! While, I might not know you, I relate to YOU, and I want you to know you are NOT alone! I write a lot of useful tips. I also write a lot of Guides for Tampa Bay as a resource to moms who are trying to find their way through this big, bustling city.

– Kim McNeely

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Karimah Henry

Writing for Tampa Bay Mom’s Blog gives me the opportunity to connect with other moms and create great content. As a first-time mom, I was looking for an outlet to express what I was experiencing as well as share local resources.

– Karimah Henry

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Why I write? It’s been a passion since I was a kid – always journaling and still do. Writing lets me sort out my feelings and leaves me feeling much better after getting out my thoughts on paper.

– Tricia Sportsman

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A former co-worker at a TV station I worked for asked me once for help with a script. I agreed, looked over his copy, and walked away for a few minutes. I came back with the perfect opening line. “How did you do that?” he asked. “I don’t know – the words were just there.” I think I write because the words are always there. I just have to let them out.

– Kathy Kay

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I started out as a member of the contributing team because I missed writing. I used to write all the time as a child. Somewhere along the line life got in the way. As a new mom, I found Tampa Bay Moms Blog and read blogs from other moms who were going through similar experiences. It inspired me, comforted me, sometimes made me cry or laugh out loud. When the opportunity came through an Open Call for writers, I jumped on it. Then after a year, the opportunity to become the Managing Editor. In addition to writing, I now get to help other Tampa Bay moms tell their stories and it’s very fulfilling. 

-Kelly Kennedy

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We would love to hear from you. Please share in the comments the reasons for why you write too.

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