Mama Takes a Career Leap

Making a Career LeapWhether we are forced into a new career or simply realize our day to day job [in the home or out] isn’t bringing us happiness anymore, we find ourselves at a crossroads. Taking a career leap isn’t easy. In fact, it’s probably one of the toughest things one can do in their adult life.

As moms, we wear many hats and take on responsibility for the happiness of others. It’s amazing when you think of all the people we encourage and support around us. Even people we may not know well, we don’t second guess offering words of encouragement or support. But ourselves, dang, we are so quick to put our own talents down and lose confidence in the woman who does so much for everyone else. Add on the hat of breadwinner or financial contributor and it becomes even scarier since survival depends on that paycheck.  

That’s where the tug of war comes into play: sacrificing our happiness or our family’s survival. Some say it’s an easy choice. For those with fire in the belly for something greater, it’s not an easy choice. The bills won’t stop and being jobless can be completely stressful. But, knowing you have so much potential locked up inside is equally scary. Untapped talent is something that either explodes into success or fades away as a long lost dream that never was. I’d feel much better giving a career leap a try, rather than always wondering ‘what if’. 

Finding something different — whether it’s going into the working world, choosing to stay home, changing careers or going into business for yourself is frightening! I’ve always believed that whatever line of work you’re in, you really should love what you do and the company you work for. Today’s corporate culture is known for a long work week, gives notoriety to being busy, always “on” and not taking vacation (not that I agree with those principles). The amount of time spent at work is a big portion of our lives. So you should at least be happy what you’re doing and where. Although taking a career leap is much easier said than done.

But here’s what I know for sure. . .

Finding a group of friends, a circle, your tribe — whatever you call it — is essential.

It doesn’t have to be an army, in fact, you can find this community of like-minded, opportunity-seeking, adventurous and risk-taking women online. There are so many groups whose sole purpose is to inspire and encourage women to flourish into all they can be. Sounds dreamy, maybe. But look at social media influencers, small business (turned large) owners, and self-made millionaires who are completely crushing it! Why? Because they put in the time, sweat and tears into something they love. They took a career leap. They gave their dream the attention it needed to blossom from the seedling idea into the massive business it is today.

Encourage yourself, the way you to support everyone else, to accomplish what you desire.

We are tough on ourselves! It’s much easier to self doubt and talk ourselves out of things than it is to stay committed and pursue a career leap into the unknown. I’m not sure why…. considering how much we take on mentally, emotionally, physically… we are TOUGH. But, when it comes to looking into the mirror, we quickly slow ourselves down with negative self talk. The reality is — there will be tough days. There will be failures and missteps. But those challenges make us humble and that’s when the self-reflection and growing really happens. Like we tell our kids, we have to sometimes learn the hard way. That doesn’t stop just because we’re an adult.

Will it be scary? Yes.

Will you be fearful and have self-doubt? Possibly.

Will you have naysayers not giving you the support you deserve? Absolutely.

Prepare yourself to go after whatever it is that you desire on your own. It’s icing on the cake if you’re lucky enough to have support. Otherwise, follow your dream, have conviction in yourself, and don’t look back. You have one life to live, so stop wasting time being worried or scared. If there is something weighing on your heart or you can’t get off of your mind, then it’s probably time to go off and do the thing that is keeping you up at night.    

Mama Taking a Career Leap

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  1. Nicole Tongue August 27, 2018 at 1:16 am #

    Just took a career leap of faith by returning to Corporate America after owning/operating my own digital marketing agency for six (6) years. It was a move necessitated by the will to survive. Single mom of two teenage boys who literally eat me out of house and home.

    However, I discovered I can’t just kick the entrepreneur to the curb – so taking a shot at still owning/operating a small business as an Independent Consultant for Arbonne.

    Time will tell if I must balance the two indefinitely or if I can return to my previously flexible lifestyle. (Working from home was great for also carrying the role of chaperone, chauffer, healthcare provider, cook, maid, and more).

    Your article was inspiring – no matter where the tides might carry me.

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