Escape This Summer In Tampa

Have you run out of fun things to do with the family this summer? With only a few weeks left before school starts, what activities are left to enjoy? Why not try an escape room in Tampa Bay? You have many options to escape from.

Escape rooms in Tampa Bay offer exciting challenges and clues to figure out how to solve in a 60-minute time period. This unique game experience exercises problem-solving skills, fosters teamwork, encourages creativity, helps with focus and celebrates successes.

Not only will your family have a fun and engaging time, but this will make a great summertime memory. Get your creative juices flowing by checking out the list of local Escape Rooms in Tampa Bay. Find the perfect room for you to escape from.

American Escape Rooms

2707 University Square Dr., Ste 140

Tampa, FL 33612

Cold War Crisis: Set in 1962, groups must infiltrate an enemy base and diffuse a nuclear bomb.

Mad Professor’s Asylum: Teams have to face a madman to escape his horror show.

Zombie Apocalypse: A deadly virus threatens to re-write DNA. Find the cure and stop the Zombie Apocalypse.  


Americas Escape Game Tampa

10033 Dale Mabry Highway

Tampa, FL 33618

Pandemic Room: The Red Death is slowly wiping out mankind. A relentless pathogen, it will continue to wreak havoc unless you can find a cure.

Crisis At 1600: Visitors overcome complex puzzles to gain control over The White House and stop an impending missile attack.  

Asylum: Navigate the madness in the remains of the Oakridge Lunatic Asylum and solve the case – if you can.


Bet You Can’t Escape

7901 Benjamin Road

Tampa, FL 33634       

Escape Arcadia: Trapped in a digital world, players must complete The Game Master’s arcade themed challenges and defeat his minions before time runs out.

The Man In The Mask: An escape crime story, you must help the detective find clues and use the evidence to find the Man In The Mask before it’s too late.

Dream Extraction: Enter the subconscious mind of a madman and find out what weapons he’s hiding.


Can You Escape?

5811 Memorial Highway, Ste 206

Tampa, FL 33615

Escape From London: Escape from Shakespeare, Big Ben and the Rolling Stones. (Not recommended under age 12 unless with parents.)

Escape The Office: Trapped in the office, players solve clues to escape. (Available to all children. FREE under 7.)

Medieval Adventure: Pass ‘The Kings Challenge’ to escape this medieval room set in the year 1115. (Ages 12 and over)

Russian Spy Room: Using physical ingenuity and quick responses, escape from this authentically Russian spy themed room. (Age 14 and over.)

Trapped in a Room with A Zombie: You have 60 minutes to escape 1 hungry zombie chained to a wall whose chain is released a foot at a time every 5 minutes. (Age 12 and over.)


Mouse Trap Escapes Carrollwood

11730 A North Dale Mabry Highway

Tampa, FL 33618

The Dungeon: Escape a dungeon deep inside Blarney Castle before there is no more air left.

The Hostel: Solve clues to help you escape a grisly scene in a European hostel.

 The Tomb: Locked inside a secret tomb, players use clues to solve puzzles to escape to see the light of day.


Time Lock Escape Room, LLC

17703 Hunting Bow Circle, Suite 101

Lutz, FL 33558

Asylum Room: Travel to a 1950’s asylum where a malevolent ghost holds your fate in her hands.

Dead Men at Sea: Can you outwit the Pirate Captain and claim his treasure for your own? 

Did you find a different escape room in Tampa Bay? Comment below and share your fun escape story. 

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