Five Life Lessons I Learned from Fantastic Fathers

We love, appreciate and celebrate you dads! Thank you for the amazing things you do for your families, kids, and partners every day. I have many great men in my life that I celebrate on a daily basis. My father, grandfather and my husband are just some of them. They all have unique lives and upbringings. Yet they teach me many beautiful things about myself, encourage me to break stereotypes and always believe in me. Life lessons from fathers stay with us for a lifetime. We make a big deal about moms, but my life and self-esteem would be quite different if it was not for the dads I love most.

Here are just five of the lessons that fantastic fathers have taught me:

  1. Think before you speak: We can easily hurt someone by saying something that we regret and was not well thought out. Learning to be more precise with your messages, communicate more effectively and logically with the people around you is helpful in getting your message across.
  2. Empathize with others: Understanding how people feel, or where they are coming from is something that we too often forget. It is easy to stay in our own heads and only focus on how we think or feel. By empathizing we can relate to each other and improve our communication.
  3. Stereotypes were made to be broken: Women were previously only expected to cook, clean and take care of their children. Today, those stereotypes are slowly shifting and women are choosing career paths and growing their own businesses while choosing to have or not have children.
  4. Patience is key: Great things happen when we take time to build them and we are patient with our progress. Moreover, not pressuring ourselves helps encourage us to try our best and learn from our mistakes. This is excellent in helping increase our self-esteem.  
  5. Love conquers all: Do not come from a place of hate. Be kind, understand and love each other. This will always bring the best out in ourselves and others.

In conclusion, fathers have such a special place in all of our lives, even if your father was not around you may have a father figure who helped shape who you are today. These fantastic men have shared life lessons with us, that help us see ourselves in a different light. A father’s love and support is unique, thank you for all that you do.

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