Ice Cream, Frozen Treats, and Something Sweet in Tampa Bay

ice creamMy favorite food is ice-cream. There may have been a period of time (pregnancy) where ice-cream was a daily meal… And that baby weight, well… it was more like fat from midnight ice-cream runs! In my defense, who can turn down that frozen yumminess- especially in this Florida summer heat?! You don’t have to be pregnant to crave cold creamy goodness! Everyone likes ice-cream. 

I’d like to tell you I’ve compiled this list by personally trying all the local ice-cream shoppes but my pants (and my husband) thank me for asking around and getting your valued opinions! Here is the scoop on the best places to get ice-cream/frozen treat in Tampa Bay!



Kimi’s Ice Cream and Coffees Out of all the ice-cream joints on this list, this one was mentioned over and over again! I heard it so much I really began to believe I was missing out on something! Kimi’s offers over 43 flavors of ice-cream and I hear that their coffee (especially the Caramel Macchiato) is best around! 

The Revolution Ice-Cream Company- This place has been on my radar for almost a year! Yes, they have the typical ice-cream flavors but they are also doing unique flavors that you won’t find anywhere else! If you are feeling adventurous- this is definitely a place to check out! 

Snobachi- Snobachi isn’t your typical ice cream parlor- they are doing custom rolled ice-cream right before your eyes on a cold plate. Your kids will want to try the Dragon’s Breath and exhale harmless smoke (its the liquid nitrogen). Just a tip- this place is very small and gets busy so take your kids during the afternoon hours of a weekday! 

Twistee Treat- When we moved to Florida, Twistee Treat was one of the first ice-cream places I found. Its not hard to miss the giant ice-cream cone that screams, “Hey kids, come get some ice-cream!” Yes, I know your kids have pointed it out to you! Go ahead… and make plans to stop there because its worth it!  

Bo’s Ice Cream Bo’s has been around since 1954 so they must be doing something right! Some of you guys have been going there all your life and it offers a bit of nostalgia! I hear their Upside Down Banana Spit is something to try. 

Campbell’s Dairyland- If you are looking for a place to grab lunch AND dessert? Campbell’s has been popular in Brandon since 1985. Grab a burger and a shake or a cuban and a Dole Whip. Bring the kids and let them play of the old fashioned playground toys! 

Dairy Joy- The Dairy Joy is a staple in South Tampa. This CASH only place has been around for decades! With great prices and a lot of nostalgia, you won’t go wrong picking up a “spoon thick” milkshake or some of the town’s best soft serve! 

Sweet Soul- If health food is your thing, try this cute little place in SoHo serving up all vegan, paleo, and plant-based items! All their ingredients are good for you so no need to guilty when you entertain your sweet tooth! 

Ice Dreammm Shop- This hidden gem in Lutz gets rave reviews! It’s eclectic, family-friendly, and its serving up unique and bold ice-cream flavors made right in the store. This is the kind of place you can bring the kids and unwind- or leave the kids at home and have a date night and enjoy something off their adults only menu! 

Frozen Treats and Something Sweet

Jeremiah’s Italian Ice- Confession: One summer night we were driving down Bloomingdale Avenue and noticed a large crowd outside of Jemeriah’s. We had NO idea what Jemeriah’s was- but it didn’t take us long to learn! Jeremiah’s is an frozen treat hotspot! You can get an Italian ice, soft serve, or a yummy mixture of both in the Gelati! 

The Hyppo Gourmet Ice Pops- The Hyppo creates hand-made all natural gourmet ice pops from fresh fruit and unique ingredients and flavors. These unique flavors will tempt even the pickiest eater to branch out and try something new! 

Beach Snoballs- I hear that if you are ever near St. Pete, you need to try Beach Snoballs. The ice in Snoballs is so fine, its like eating velvet! Choose you favorite flavor or combination of flavors to suite your mood. With over 25,000 flavor combos to choose from, you will always have something new to try! 

Yogurtology- If you are looking for the healthy alternative to ice-cream, may I suggest frozen yogurt? Yogurtology provides a probiotic filled product that satisfies that sweet tooth! You get to build your own masterpiece with 12 rotating flavors, bottoming, toppings, and slopping! 

Dough Nation- Edible cookie dough + Ice cream= sundae or milkshake or ice cream sandwich! Your choice! You can order a pint of cookie dough to go. Eat it or bake it! Dough Nation is owned by Metropolitan Ministries and helps feed the hungry in Tampa Bay. 

Eddie Bull’s Cookie Dough- As I child (and as an adult), I know the temptation to eat raw cookie dough is very real. I’ve been known to steal a dough ball from the cookie sheet. This place was invented for people like me- all the goodness, none of the worry! You can’t eat ice-cream all the time- switch it up with some edible cookie dough! 

Did your favorite ice-cream spot make the list? Remember, at the end of the day it doesn’t matter WHERE you got ice-cream, but that you GOT ice-cream!  


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