2018 Guide to Tampa Bay Splash Parks

splash pad funSummer months are brutal in Tampa Bay. I am always searching for ways to keep my son cool without having to dive into a pool. Fortunately, there are plenty of fun splash parks for kids to enjoy in the Tampa Bay area. Most offer adequate shade, nearby seating as well as regular playgrounds once the kids are tired of the water. Here’s a list of some popular Tampa Bay splash parks to keep your children cool over the summer. Check out my previous blog post with more information on splash parks in the Tampa Bay area. Have a favorite splash park that wasn’t listed? Let us know in the comments.

This is a popular splash park especially during the summer. There’s a huge yellow bucket that dumps a load of water on the kids. There are other water features that create an awesome experience for the children. Perfect place for the little ones to cool off. There’s also a playground nearby if the kids need a break from the water. 

There’s two interactive fountains that will keep the kids running around for a long time.

The park is located in the historic district of Hyde Park Village. There are life-size lion statues and fountains that shoot water up from the ground. This sprinkler park has seating nearby for parents or caregivers. There’s also a playground nearby and a bathroom. 

My son loves this Tampa Bay splash park. There’s different water features to create a fun environment for the children. We love to walk the pier after enjoying a fun day at this splash pad. There’s also a playground nearby as well as picnic tables. 

This is a fun interactive splash pad filled with awesome water features to keep the kids cool. There’s also a shaded area with seating for parents. If your child is not potty trained, they must wear a swim diaper and plastic pants. 

The Tampa Bay splash park is small but features interactive things for the kids. Children who are not potty trained need to wear swim diapers. 

This is one of the newest splash pads in the area. I recently went with my son for a play date. It’s fenced in with nearby bathrooms. There’s also covered tables for parents to watch their kids or enjoy a snack in between playing in the water. The main feature of the splash pad is a large bucket that pours water on unsuspecting children. I’ll be honest, my son was not a fan of the bucket. Ha! It’s a nice splash parks so we’ll definitely return. There’s also a playground nearby for children of all ages. There’s plenty of shade as well as seating for parents and caregivers. 

  • Busch Gardens  (See website for admission costs. Splash pad entry is included in admission.)

We take full advantage of our annual passes. My son loves visiting the splash pad areas. There’s covered tables near the Bert & Ernie’s Watering Hole in the Sesame Street Safari of Fun area. There’s also bathrooms nearby. The Tampa Bay splash park is filled with some cool interactive features for the kids. It’s perfect for all ages. There’s also a fun water play area in Jungala (Treetop Trails).

The recently updated Tampa Bay splash park is rainforest themed with cool features for the kids. There’s a spray zone, dump buckets and a structure for kids to climb and play on. There’s also a designated water play area for toddlers with ground sprays.

Looking for a fun place to cool off? This splash area is bright and colorful with water shooting up from the ground to help the kids cool off from the blazing heat. There are benches nearby for parents and caregivers. 

This park is located in downtown Tampa. It features bright colorful sculptures as well as a nice splash pad to keep the kids cool. 

This Tampa Bay splash park has several types of spray features that will keep all the children happy.


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