Social Media for the Modern Mom

Social Media for the Modern Mom. Many modern moms have a love/hate relationship with social media. Sometimes it’s a digital getaway and other times I wonder where the last 45 minutes of my life just went.

My husband would probably say I’m addicted. Possibly. But I’m conscious of what I let in my world. Social media can be a great source for information on practically anything and it keeps me connected to family and friends. But it can equally be a source of negativity, depleting self-worth (unknowingly) and eventually a vicious cycle that makes you want to give it up altogether.
As with most things, it boils down to balance. These are some tips I use to control the media I let into my daily life.   


Getting the most out of what you’re consuming and most importantly, how to keep the negative out…

 #1:. Unfollow.

This is quite possibly my favorite button in the social media world! Because I’m in control of what content I see. Therefore, I get to turn off anything that doesn’t resonate anymore, brings me down, or makes me think twice about myself. I refuse to let any negativity in. As a result, one click and it’s gone. Simple as that.

 #2. Block. 

When I share tip #1 with friends, it’s usually followed by “can’t they still see your profile?” No. That’s where the block feature comes in. Most social platforms allow you to block individuals who you want to completely restrict access from. They won’t be able to view your profile, posts, and even comments or likes. It takes an extra step, but worth it if you don’t want to hurt any feelings.

#3. Frequently clean your social feeds.

What do I mean? Go through your account settings and purge anyone, any group, or any business that lost relevance. A cluttered social media feed creates a cluttered mind. How many acquaintances do you mindlessly scroll past? Or businesses with no meaning to your current season of life? Minimize your time on social media and enhance the quality of what you consume by viewing what’s most relevant.

#4. Refuse to allow negativity in. 

Repeat. Remove ALL negativity. I don’t care if it’s a family member, your boss, or a super close friend. If their content is continuously negative, you will feel down after reading it. You don’t have to unfriend, but you can stop getting their updates. Everyone has a right to speak their mind, but it doesn’t mean you have to listen.

#5. Turn OFF notifications. 

It’s OK to not get notifications every time something not-so newsworthy is posted. Manage the impulse to frequently check social media by turning off notifications. And if you’re feeling really adventurous, unplug entirely! It just means that you’ve missed out on a few dozen memes, Pinterest recipes, and endless stream of kid pictures from your friends. Really, it’s OK to miss a few days.

Social media should be a source of content that makes you happy and connects you to others. It should give you information that you want. It should be uplifting. Be intentional and selective in what shows up on your daily feed because it has a big influence on you.
If you’re struggling with some hidden corner of your life and follow people that emphasize everything that you aren’t (or think you aren’t), it’s possible the downward spiral will continue. Only you can change it. 


The power is literally in your hands to determine what social media you let in. Either be selective in what you consume or be consumed.  


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