Stay-at-home Mom Tips to Help Breeze Through Summer Break

Are you a stay at home mom with thoughts of summer survival on your mind? Let’s talk! In the race of motherhood summertime can be a SAHM’s marathon. Scratch that triathlon, because with swimming, biking and running around there is a fair amount of sweat involved. 

How do we cross the finish line enjoyably without our sanity falling into a black hole? Specifically the black hole in our homes where vanished socks go to.

Mom Tips for Surviving Summer BreakHere are some mom tips for surviving summer break:

Get prepared beforehand

  1. Make sure you have bags/backpacks to haul everything around. You will be a the family pack mule. Spring for the padded straps you’ll thank yourself for it.
  2. Stock your car with spare sunglasses, wipes, sanitizer, hair elastics, a spare towel, baggies for wet items and an umbrella for unpredictable rain storms.
  3. Check your inventory- buy new swimsuits if they’ve outgrown their old ones, replenish beach toys, buy new pool floats, check your sunscreen and bug spray, make sure you have any summer camp musts.
  4. Stock your pantry with non perishables. Extra cereal for breakfast, staples for quick dinners and lots of on-the-go snacks. This is a good time to buy beverages too. Summer-bottled water, juice boxes, and of course mommy’s 5 o’clock somewhere wine are always a must!

Choose your bucket list/child’s responsibilities

  1. Pick a few must do’s with the kids. A craft they want to try or a book they want to read , places they want to go, even friends they want make sure they hang out with.
  2. Assign chores and responsibilities. This is a great time to help work as a team to keep the house running. It could be feeding pets, putting laundered clothes away, setting the table, whatever you decide. Discuss your expectations as well- if you want them to pack their own lunch for camp, get dressed without a million reminders or be responsible for their own library books make that clear from the start.
  3. Hang up both lists where they can easily see them. For younger children instead of writing it all out out printed off pictures of what the daily chores are or what’s on the bucket list. Let the, put a sticker or check ark next them when completed.

Foster independence

  1. Cut down your waitressing shifts by keeping pre-cut fruit and veggies on lower refrigerator shelves and go to snacks in a basket on your counter.
  2. Lay out a week’s worth of outfits at a time if you have an indecisive diva like my youngest. She gets to choose daily which outfit she wants to wear without a fight or fashion show. In each of my children’s bedrooms they also get a shoe bin to keep all summer shoes in one spot.
  3. Have a designated areas for toy categories- arts & crafts, hats, pool toys, sporting equipment. They will know without asking where to find a glue stick, pool noodle or bike helmet.

Get your kitchen ready and running smoother

  1. Have a list of easy recipes and their ingredients for last minute lunches and dinners.
  2. When grocery shopping with kids make your list by grocery aisle for quicker trips.
  3. Or look into grocery pick up or delivery like Walmart grocery or Shipt for one less errand.

Carve out some mommy time

  1. Make arrangements with a trusted friend to take her kids an 1-2 hours one day and she can reciprocate the favor another day. 
  2. Get up before the kids to have your morning coffee uninterrupted and get yourself ready.
  3. Pick an interest you can do when you have childcare help. Take a class, have dinner with friends, or just shut (and lock) your bedroom door and veg with a favorite show. Personally I like a good facial mask. I have facial masks that stay on for 20 minutes so I’m M.I.A. that long…sorry honey I want it to be effective!

With the right planning, attitude, help and a bit of wine and chocolate you can make this summer one for you to enjoy happily. So I say during the Mommy Hunger Games, I salute you and “May the odds ever be in your favor”!

Do you have any mom tips for surviving summer break?

Janet RichardsonGuest Contributor Janet Richardson grew up in Indiana. She said goodbye to snow boots and hello to sandy toes when her family moved to Tampa Bay 3 years ago. Janet has been married for 8 years to her amazing British best friend and partner in crime. She is also blessed to be mom to an 8 year old philosopher and 6 year old diva. Janet is a crafting addict and CEO of the International house of Richardson (stay at home mom). She never met a beach, morning cup of coffee or Netflix mystery series she didn’t want to get to know better. Check out her blog Give Me the Details, where she blogs about details on everything big and small. 

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