Top 5 Gift Giving Ideas for Kids

Gift Giving Ideas for Kids
I love gift giving. But I’m the type that spends a long time trying to find the perfect gift only to be disappointed by the receiver not loving it as much as I thought they would.
But with kids gifts it’s different. At most birthday’s, they don’t even open gifts AT the party. The perfectly packaged gifts are whisked away only to be ripped and torn open in the comfort of the child’s home. Never knowing if they enjoyed the gift as much as I thought they would. I’m getting past that. (Ok, I lied.). I’m still not over it. But I have chosen not to lose too much sanity when selecting a kids gift, especially for the endless parties my kids are invited to! I am though, intentional on the gifts I select in hopes that they’ll have a long life, are useful and practical. So what are some good gift giving ideas for kids?

Here are 5 great, easy to find and really good gifts for kids:

  1. Games – You can’t go wrong with old fashioned games that leave you with hours upon hours of endless fun! A few of my go-to’s…. Jenga, Monopoly, Eye Found It series. These gifts can grow with kids and are fun for the whole family.
  2. Crafts / Jewelry – Whether it’s a geological kit or jewelry making… DIY gifts are just plain fun. (Oh, and it’s secretly a gift for the mom too. Unless of course the kids are little and need significant help!)
  3. Legos – you have two options here… the convenient themed kits or classic Lego sets. If there’s a set that goes with the child’s interests or party theme, by all means – score! Otherwise, I love the classic sets because they teach creativity and tend to have a longer life.
  4. Outdoor Toys – Afterall, we live in a warm climate and kids are outside year round. Whether it’s pool toys, gardening sets or bubbles. 
  5. Books – Almost every gift that my kids bring to a birthday party includes a book. I usually select one of my or my kid’s personal faves, or go along with the theme or the child’s interest. With this one, there are so many varieties.

When in doubt, Amazon!

I’d be remiss if I didn’t share that Amazon is a go-to destination for buying gifts! While I’d love to shop local, I’m a busy working mom and just can’t get to the store. Instead, my phone is flooded with reminders to order gifts by Monday or Tuesday of the party week (at the latest) and I’m {usually} good for it to arrive by the weekend. I recently had a mom fail where gifts were scheduled to “arrive by 8pm” on party day. And boy was Amazon accurate! Nothing like arriving giftless to a party with a promise of “I’ll drop it off later”. My other “more proactive, I’ll buy and save for a future gift” go-to is the Money Saving Mom blog. You can be sure to snag some great steals here, so stock up on the good items. I promise – it’ll make the next birthday party a little less stressful.

Do you have any go-to gifts for kids? Drop them in the comments!


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