Top 10 Kids’ Easter Bunny Pictures

When it comes to taking pictures I think we can agree they are more for the parents than kids, especially holiday photos. Parents usually have a “look” of how they think the picture with Santa or the Easter Bunny will turn out but rarely does it happen. Here are the top 10 Kids’ Easter Bunny Pictures, from our own TBMB Spring Extravaganza!

1. This is as close as I’m getting…

2. Hes so fluffy! 

3. Is this over yet? 

4. Listen, no one will notice if you slip a few extra Cadbury eggs and in my basket.

5. You can’t catch me! 

6. Not happening!!!

7. Epic fist bump.

8. You’re telling me THIS guy is sneaking into my house at night?!

9. No one wakes a sleeping baby, not even the Easter bunny! 


Happy Easter to TBMB moms! 

Share your favorite kids’ Easter bunny pictures!

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