Top 25 Best Family Movie Night Movies

During the school week, it is tough to slow things down and have a family meal every single night around one table. It is hard to get all the homework, projects and extra-curricular activities and still have time to have genuine connection. The days are long, but the years are fast. In hopes of capturing a little more snuggle time with my kiddos and making meaningful simple family memories we have a weekly family movie night.

Animated films have been our bread and butter for a while, but recently my youngest daughter has turned the corner to enjoy other movies as well. This has opened the gates to nostalgia town and we have rediscovered what feels like the lost golden treasure chest of movies. My husband and I are reliving our own childhood memories and beaming with pride as our girls fall in love with the same characters that we did years ago.

Admittedly there is a part of me that feels like we are weaving classic American symbols into their lexicon allowing them to someday decode cultural references from these very sacred works. However, perhaps less philosophical and more likely practical, is that as a working mom I feel like we have found what works for us to make intentional time together.

A Few Tips for Movie Night Success

Below I share our top 25 best family movie night movies that we are working through at the moment. My girls are 5 and 7. They have no problems with the spooky Addams Family or the surprises of following the yellow brick road in the Wizard of Oz. They were fine with the antics of the Queen of Hearts demanding decapitation of those around her however Freaky Friday really freaked them out. My oldest did not like the switch-a-roo and thus, I would say proceed with the flicks that may capture the hearts of your kids first, then slowly sneak in your faves.

I have added a couple of extras movies at the end of the list for seasonal fun.

Whenever possible I say go with the original, unless the remake is better. I happen to love the Lindsey Lohan version of Parent Trap in comparison to the original. However, I would never show my kids the Johnny Depp Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory because I think it’s a little creepy. You are the top critic.

Make a fun snack, we like popcorn and cookies, but pick your favorite treat. Cozy up on the couch with blankets for a great family movie night!

  1. Mary Poppins
  2. Annie
  3. Wizard of Oz
  4. Alice and Wonderland
  5. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
  6. The Addams Family
  7. Hook
  8. The Mighty Ducks
  9. Parent Trap
  10. Star Wars
  11. Honey, I Shrunk the Kids
  12. Sound of Music
  13. Princess Bride
  14. Goonies
  15. Matilda
  16. Back to the Future
  17. ET
  18. Ghostbusters
  19. NeverEnding Story
  20. Doubtfire
  21. Harry and the Hendersons
  22. Freaky Friday
  23. Pippi Longstocking
  24. The Little Rascals
  25. The Little Princess with Shirley Temple

Fall: Hocus Pocus or Casper

Summer: Back to the Beach with Frankie and Annette

Winter: A Christmas Story or Miracle of 34th Street

Spring: Enchanted or High School Musical movies

New Upcoming Classic: Wonder (We all loved this movie!)

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