10 Baby Products to Save Your Sanity As New Moms

baby products for new momsWe recently had a discussion with our Tampa Bay Moms Blog writers and asked what their favorite baby product was with their first born. The newborn stage can be very difficult so most of our writers were in agreement on some products that were definitely needed during the early months. Here’s our top 10 baby products for new moms to save your sanity. 

Cradle N Swing

“This was a literal life saver for me. My son would take a 30 minute nap every hour and a half but he had to be moving!” ~Kelly

Rock N Play

“Similar to the swing with the movement soothing. It was so helpful and we loved it so much we bought a second one so we didn’t have to keep moving it back and forth between rooms.” ~Kate

Baby Carriers

“Our son lived in our k’tan and lillebaby carriers. He loved being worn.” ~Leslie


“Well.. Blockbuster was our BFF (aka sanity saver with our firstborn 😂) but since they don’t exist anymore- I’d say Netflix!! My firstborn didn’t sleep for the first 6 weeks so we rented seasons and obscure movies to past the time because we sure didn’t sleep!” ~Kim

Newborn Lounger

“With the Boppy lounger, there was a place I could set my baby in each room. Easy to carry, and small enough to set just about anywhere. This was so huge for me. I could take a shower, make food, and do laundry, all with her right there on the lounger. ” ~Naomi

Infant Seat

“I bought one to leave at my mom’s for visiting family up north. Since my daughter is the first grand daughter and great granddaughter, nobody in my family has any baby items. The one with the tray has straps to anchor it to a chair so it can be used in place of a high chair. My daughter also had a helmet which required me to wash and blow dry her hair every night. The Bumbo was a life saver for getting her to sit up and stay still to blow dry her hair.” ~ Kate

Sound Machine

“A sound machine. Helped both my babies to sleep!” ~Naomi

Infant Tub

“A friend bought us the mesh tub seat but I didn’t think much of it until we were ready for my daughters first bath and the seat didn’t fit in my sink (we have a double kitchen sink but both sides are equally narrow) and the bath tub was too awkward and too deep especially considering how nervous I was as a first time mom bathing a slippery and delicate baby. I ended up having to go to the store and buying a plastic tub so I could bathe my daughter on the kitchen counter.” ~Kate

Pack n Play

“Our pack N play was essential for us. My husband was looking for a new job and my mother-in-law’s health had taken a turn so we traveled a lot during the weekends and the pack N play was a sanity saver because we didn’t have to worry about where the baby would sleep.” ~Kim

Baby Monitor

“Once the baby moved out of our room I was so nervous. The video monitor really helped because I had it on all night so I knew I would hear the baby even though he was down the hall.” ~Kelly 

What are some of your recommendations for baby products for new moms?

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