Photo Series: The Way We Are

In June 2017, I officially decided to became a stay at home mom. The month before we welcomed our second child into our family and in that short time frame I knew I wanted to spend more time with both my children. Whether it was making sandwiches, building blocks with my son, teaching my daughter to walk, or sneaking my dog some treats, I think that there’s so much beauty in the every day things that we sometimes take for granted. So last year in June, we made sacrifices to accommodate my new stay-at-home mom status, which included selling our house. 


In October, we were preparing to move but I didn’t want to miss out on taking our Christmas photos. I loved that the previous year we took professional photos with our son and got some amazing shots. This year with a new addition I knew I wanted to do it again. Then an opportunity came up that seemed like kismet. A wonderful photographer Danielle Nicole was talking about doing a photo shoot to capture the every day life of a family, the way we are in a normal everyday setting. While I loved posed pictures, I almost cried because this would allow us to document the reason I was staying home, to hang out with my kids to experience the every day with them. A bonus was being able to take pictures in our home one last time before leaving.


The ability to capture the way we are, documenting moments in our lives, is a precious gift. To photograph us negotiating with our toddler about eating his lunch or capturing the way my daughter looks adoringly at her father. These things that happen in the everyday that most of the time we have to look back on only in memory. Now I get to look at them in photographs. I was able to be completely present in the moment with my family and didn’t have to miss out to go grab my camera or phone. As a bonus, I was also able to get some adorable pictures for my Christmas Card too! 


I look at these pictures and see our everyday, a capture of where we are at in our lives today and I’m so thankful. Deciding to stay-at-home was a big decision for our family and these pictures definitely remind me of my reason why. To capture major milestones in your life or simply to document where you are in your present day is so important. Pictures last beyond our lifetimes for generations to come and Danielle did an amazing job of capturing our personalities. Now we have 100 pictures from this photo shoot that only took about an hour.

Danielle provided us with the rights to the photos to allow us to print them anywhere. She also gave us both the black and whites along with the color photos. If you’re still looking to get your loved one something special for this Valentine’s Day, I think of nothing better than a photo shoot. You’ll be glad you not only created an experience but a lifetime of memories and photos to look back on for years to come. 

 See Danielle’s amazing portfolio of work on her website at

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Danielle Nicole Photography. However, we would not partner with an organization or service we did not feel brings value to our readers. Opinions are 100% our own.

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