How to Make Mommin’ Easy

How To Make Mommin' Easy - Take a Mommy BreakBeing a new mommy can be exhausting. It takes a toll on you, your partner, your friendships, your work and at any time you have left for just you. I read a meme last week that said, “You want to know who your real friends are? Have kids.” As funny as this sounds, I can’t help it but agree. Some of our friends think that just because we have kids we have to stop hanging out, going out for brunch and even watching our favorite TV shows. While I agree that things do change, there is no reason why everything must be sacrificed because you have a baby. What if a balanced lifestyle is key, what if we can keep our relationships, be ourselves and still be mothers?

Thinking back on my first few weeks and months of motherhood, all I remember is wanting support, self-love, and conversations with my best girlfriends. I wanted to feel that although I had a baby, I could still be me. All I really needed was a mommy break.

How can you learn to take a well-deserved mommy break too?

  1. Find a healthy support system: Support starts with a great group of family and friends. This includes your husband, parents, best friends, close family and a trustworthy babysitter.
  2. Plan and organize: You will need to plan ahead. Schedule a day or time, to do an activity on your own or with your family or friends. Make sure the baby has a trustworthy and reliable sitter for the timeframe, that way you can enjoy yourself.
  3. Choose an activity: Look for something to help you relax, unwind and rest. The activity can be a nap, massage, going out for a run, manicure, pedicure, reading your favorite book or going out for brunch.
  4. Unplug: This is so important. No matter what activity you choose, be in the moment. If you are not in the moment your mommy break, will not feel like a break. Try and disconnect from social media and turn off your phone. Be with yourself, the people you are with, share, laugh and make some great memories.

Remember that mommy breaks are for your enjoyment, fun, and relaxation. If you are feeling guilty about taking a break, ask yourself “where is my guilt coming from and why is it not okay for me to take some time off?” The truth is by taking care of you, you will reset and be more energized to be there and connect with your kids. It is not always about quantity of the time we spend with our children but the quality of time. Sometimes we forget this as moms trying to juggle our many roles. Do not forget your biggest role is always YOU.

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One Response to How to Make Mommin’ Easy

  1. Karimah Henry
    Karimah Henry February 7, 2018 at 5:22 pm #

    Great article! Planning ahead definitely helps if you are trying to hang out with friends. I’m thankful to have a supportive husband who makes sure I have time to myself. We can’t take care of others if we are drained. 🙂

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