New Year’s Resolutions: How to Have It All in 2018

Every new year we set out to change the undesirable traits of our lives and we set our New Year’s resolutions. New year new me, amirite? We pile up on the good stuff like being more patient and kind. Throw in some Rosetta Stone so we can exercise our brain by learning a new language. Then swear to lose weight, eat better and drink less often.

New Year’s Resolutions actually came from Babylonian times. Every year they would make promises, usually to pay off debt and return farm equipment, to start the year of on the right foot. For them the new year started around mid-March though, when crops were being planted. Of course, over the centuries resolutions have been updated to fit our current “have it all” lifestyle.

It’s pretty easy to get into the mentality when everyone is updating their Facebook status with their resolutions. So when the new year starts and the hangover has subsided, you tell yourself this is the year. The year I am going to grow and change. The pressure can be intense for us moms. We want to set a good example for our children, to make our spouse happy, make our family and friends proud and to feel successful. Pretty much not asking for too much except for everything to be perfect. It’s easy to plan perfection; however, it’s not so easy executing it.

The hard part is and, always has been, working these new resolutions into our everyday messy lives. The reality where some days are harder than others. On those days were nothing seems to go right; from a tantrum every 10 minutes to dropping your phone and forgetting your new dinner recipe is burning in the oven (90 calorie zucchini boats of course). Adding these new resolutions on top of our already demanding lifestyle makes us feel disappointed rather than successful. By February you are feeling the new year isn’t so refreshing. By then you have lost it on your kids roughly 578 times, gained weight from eating holiday leftovers, and the only second language you’ve experienced is from Dora the explorer. Also drinking less flew out the window the moment credit card bills came rolling in from Christmas.

I suggest we take it back to Babylonian times. Return that rake or leaf blower you borrowed from your neighbor and pay off those Christmas credit card debts. Take those steps first and then set one new resolution that’s more personal. Just one! It’s impossible to “have to all” all at once.

Have a Happy 2018 Tampa Bay Moms! 

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