How To Successfully Go Black Friday Shopping With Your Kids

How to Successfully Go Black Friday Shopping With Your Kids

Black Friday is a challenging and exciting day to shop. I’ve been able to successfully shop on Black Friday with two kids under the age of 5 for the past two years. Here are eight tips on how to do Black Friday Shopping with your kids.


Naps are your best strategic offense to your kids madness. Force them to take one. Hours before your trip, feed them, wear them out, then put them down for a nap. You’ll be glad that you did. Kids can be absolute monsters when they haven’t taken their naps. They will ruin your great adventure if you skip this step. Don’t skip this step. If they don’t take a nap, don’t bring them!

Feed Your Kids

Feed your kids at home. Give them a snack right before you start shopping. Bring snacks with you. Stay 20 steps a head of the meltdowns. Keep your kids tummy full and they will be happy adventurers. 

Never Shop Alone

It is absolutely insane to be the only adult with multiple kids in tow. Even with one child, another adult should be present. If you’re a single mom, ask your mom friends to come along this adventure with you. Two moms working together will ensure endless success. Its ok to bring your hubby. Your trip can still be successful.

Bring Distractions

Be resourceful, avoid meltdowns. Let your kids bring along their fully charged electronics. Now is not the time to worry about the amount of screen-time that they are utilizing. If you want that CrockPot for $10, bring your kids tablets. End of story.

Pillows and Blankets

Don’t be shy about bringing pillows and blankets. Nothing is worse than a cranky, restless child shopping along with you. They didn’t take their nap but you still brought them along. No worries. Let them sleep in a cart and utilize another cart to add your coveted sale items. Yes, it will look ridiculous, but at least you’re not that mom that had to leave behind their treasure because their kid was too cranky and tired to finish the trip. If you followed the plan, your shopping partner will come in handy to help push your child in one cart, while you push your treasures in another. We are super moms, but I doubt we could push two carts at the same time.

Less is More

Less shopping trips that is. If possible, reduce your Black Friday shopping trip to one location. Walmart, Target and malls are great options. Not having to drive to many different locations will help to reduce your stress in half. 


Don’t. Don’t stand in a four hour line with your toddler. Call it a loss. Find another treasure. If this doorbuster is an absolute must, leave your kids at home. Find a babysitter or another friend who can do without the chaos of Black Friday.

Don’t worry

OK, so you couldn’t go Black Friday shopping due to some reason or another. Don’t worry, it’s OK. I know F.O.M.O(Fear of Missing Out) is real, trust me, I get it all the time. But if you shop smart, you’re bound to still save money on Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday. Those days are just as deal-tastic as Black Friday. 

Black Friday Shopping with Your Kids

Black Friday shopping with your kids can be challenging, but with these eight tips, it can be easier! What tips do you have? Drop them in the comments below. 

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  1. Sarah Sheppard November 23, 2017 at 8:49 am #

    OMG! Diana, this is #TRUTH I was literally laughing out loud! Thanks for the advice!

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