I Scream, You Scream, we ALL scream for Mayfield Creamery Ice Cream

How does your family ‘do’ celebrations? For as long as I can remember, my family has celebrated birthdays, holidays, major life milestones and even annual sporting events with ice cream cake. Correction – ice cream on top of crushed cookies under fudge, with whipped cream and cookies on top. There isn’t a bite of actual cake in sight. And you won’t find any in the recipe or suggested flavor combinations below, either.

All Year Round Dessert

A summer-only treat you say? Shenanigans. Tampa mommas know that cold weather lasts for only a few short days.  This makes ice cream the perfect dessert no matter what month happens to be at the top of the calendar. Local grocers carry so many ice cream brands, but for desserts like this, the Mayfield Creamery brand is my go-to purchase. Living all over the Southeast, Mayfield has been a staple in my grocery cart for years and for good reason. Producing ice cream since 1923, Mayfield creates iconic signature flavors including classics like chocolate, vanilla and Neapolitan, family favorites like Chocolate Chip, and every one tastes homemade.

Fresh Ingredients

The creamery leaves out the icky ingredients like artificial growth hormones, and pours in tons of yummy ingredients like fresh cream from their own dairies; mixing it up into fantastic flavors by using family recipes perfected over three generations! Mayfield carries every flavor from vanilla to berry to pumpkin, chocolate, Moose Tracks and Rocky Road, allowing for an ice cream cake of every color, for any occasion, whenever your heart desires! Once you’ve decided to leave out the ‘cake’ from your ice cream cake, pulling the whole thing together is simple, quick and exactly what I’m looking for as a mom of four.

Easy and Delicious

The last few weeks have been stressful with high school papers due, middle school soccer tournaments and the general unpredictability of a toddler. Off to the store I went to buy the memorized ingredients for our favorite dessert, truly greater than the sum of its parts and destined to be demolished within two sittings.

See how simple the ingredients are? I was even able to recruit my middle daughter and son as helpers for tonight’s dessert. For this cake, I used whipped cream, chocolate sandwich cookies, hot fudge and Mayfield Creamery’s Homemade Vanilla ice cream. Helpful hint: be sure to pick an ice cream with a texture you enjoy!

After crushing the cookies, layer everything in whatever order you prefer. I’ve found our perfect order to be cookies, ice cream, hot fudge, whipped cream, cookies. Then, Freeze for several hours. Finally, serve when ready. See?! Simple, just like I said.

We also enjoy the flavor combinations listed below, depending on the celebration and time of year:
• Pumpkin ice cream with ginger snaps and caramel sauce
• Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream with chocolate sandwich cookies and hot fudge
• Cookie Dough ice cream with chocolate chip cookies and hot fudge
• Strawberry ice cream with graham crackers and caramel sauce

Remember, eating your feelings is bad but taking time to enjoy ice cream with the ones you love makes memories for years to come!

Mayfield Creamery is now available around Florida at Publix. Check out the digital coupon for $1.00 off available through the end of November. 

This post was sponsored by our partners at Mayfield Creamery.

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