My 30 Day Health and Wellness Challenge

30 day health and wellness

My 30 day health and wellness challenge was easy to start. Set your goal, choose your time frame, frame your thoughts and begin your challenge. Beginning the challenge was exciting and fun. Completing the challenge was just that a challenge. Behaviors are difficult to change. Whether you are trying to lose weight, eat less of something, exercise more or just take better care of yourself is difficult to change. 

What was my Challenge?

My 30 Day Health and Wellness Challenge was a commitment to post on Facebook everyday how I managed to care for myself so I can take care of others. Being the mother of a three year old active boy its important that I take care of me. I need to be healthy, active and mentally sound to care for him. 


This was easier said then done. As I approached day 7 I found myself struggling to come up with ideas of how to nourish my health and wellness. From massages to exercise to hot baths, the list was getting harder to create. Once I posted my challenge to the universe of Facebook I had to follow through, stay committed and think outside of the box. 

Changing my Behavior

The more I posted, the more I realized that not only was my behavior changing with consistency but I really wasn’t caring for myself before this recent revelation of needing to care for me. The question then lies, why wasn’t I important enough to love me and make time for myself. Was it because I am now a Mother and feel guilty, or because I am a creature of habit. 30 days of forcing myself to look at the good in my day. The smell of fresh air, the privilege of being able to go for a walk or a run. The laughs from good company and my son’s giggles were the most important part of my health and wellness journey. 

My Health and Wellness journey was difficult to complete yet one of the most rewarding blogs to date. I learned more about who I am as a Woman, a Mother, a Wife. I learned how important it is to nourish my mind, body and soul. Though the challenge was a challenge, I recommend focusing on what matters most to you and challenge yourself to master it, the reward is priceless. 

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