Always a Great Time For Mayfield Creamery Ice Cream

It’s always a great time for ice cream! Seriously. Our family can eat ice cream in the dead of winter (typically the mid-60’s) or, of course, in the middle of the summer. Ice cream is present at all celebrations, regardless of age. It’s a reward for good deeds, a consolation prize for bad days, and way better than a bowl of popcorn on movie night. Thankfully, we don’t have too travel far to get our beloved treat. A quick trip to our local Publix introduces us to a plethora of options. And now standing out above those options in that bright yellow box with the tantalizing placed scoop is Mayfield Creamery Ice Cream. Mayfield’s new packaging make it a “can’t miss” at Publix locations throughout the state of Florida. The packaging is cool, but it’s bested by what’s inside.

Flavors Galore

There’s something about Mayfield that just tastes like home. Whether you’re enjoying the classic flavors from Homemade Vanilla to Caramel Toffee Crunch or limited edition flavors like Banana Pudding and Pumpkin Pie, Mayfield has a genuine southern homemade taste that’s quintessentially yummy and, quite frankly addictive. My favorite, Cookies & Cream. It’s been a part of every birthday since I was in elementary school. A scoop on birthday cake literally melts in your mouth.

Mayfield Creamery Ice Cream2Fresh Ingredients and Tradition

Since 1923, the Mayfield Creamery has built a tradition for making high-quality and highly delectable ice cream. They use fresh cream from their own dairy – with no artificial growth hormones. Their family recipes have been perfected over three generations . The recipes are as craveable today as they were nearly 100 years ago. So if you enjoyed Mayfield Ice Cream as a child, now your kids will be able to enjoy the same flavors like Extreme Moose Tracks and Birthday Cake that you have enjoyed since your childhood.

When you see Mayfield Ice Cream in its new, cool packaging (you can’t miss it, it’s a vibrant yellow with a delicious creamy scoop of ice cream on the front) at your local Publix, snag one up before everyone else does.

Mayfield Creamery Ice Cream

This post is sponsored by our partners at Mayfield Creamery Ice Cream.

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