Enter the Warrior Course- New Attractions Elevate Fun at Sky Zone Tampa

We don’t have to tell you that life can be hectic at times. Kids have to be out the door at 7 am and in the drop off line before 7:30 am. Work is an endless flow of meetings, reports, and metrics. Culminating in a seemingly endless commute home, homework of all types, dinner, and bed. Rinse and repeat. When it’s time for weekend fun, it’s easy to default to hours on the tablet or dinner at the local family-style establishment. Sometimes, you have to do something different. Sometimes, you need to challenge your 13-year old to a race across a course of gymnastics-styled rings. Middle schoolers are way faster than they look!

This type of fun can be found at Sky Zone Tampa where they have installed five new attractions that amp up the fun and your heart rate. These new attractions include a ninja warrior-style course (Warrior Course), a climbing wall (Free Climb), the Warped Wall, a jousting arena (Sky Joust), and the Sky Ladder. These attractions were recently unveiled at Sky Zone’s Warrior Weekend. This four-day celebration gave guests an opportunity to try out all the cool new stuff and meet celebrities such as American Ninja Warrior Morgan “Moose” Wright and ninja mom Charity Grace Leblanc.

Here’s a little more information about Sky Zone Tampa’s new attractions:

Warrior Course: The centerpiece of Sky Zone Tampa’s fun additions, this obstacle course will test your endurance and balance. It’s similar to what you’d see on the TV show American Ninja Warrior, but for the rest of us who haven’t dedicated our lives to fitness.

Warped Wall: Another fave from American Ninja Warrior, this inclined wall challenges leg strength and balance. Guests attempt to race to the top where the are rewarded with a ledge and an overwhelming sense of accomplishment.

Free Climb: Sky Zone’s indoor rock climbing wall challenges hand strength and courage. The wall stands over a foam pit for when you are ready to end your climb.

Sky Joust: Hand to hand combat can be so much fun! Sky Joust puts 2-3 guests on pedestals where they can battle back and forth until one falls into the foam pit.  

Sky Ladder: Guests can climb a wiggly ladder to the top to plant their flag. Definitely harder than it looks!

SkyZone Tampa
SkyZone Tampa Swing
SkyZone Tampa Wall
Photos courtesy of Sky Zone

It’s important to note that you don’t have to be a ninja warrior like Moose or Charity Grace to enjoy these attractions. You simply have to be willing to take a toe or two outside your comfort zone and hop on the jousting pedestal. You never know, you might just find your new family tradition at Sky Zone Tampa.

Sky Zone Tampa is located at 10137 E Adamo Dr #800B, Tampa, FL 33619.

They are open seven days a week for jumping, bouncing, climbing, jousting adventure.

To learn more, visit their website at https://www.skyzone.com/tampa.

This post was sponsored by SkyZone Tampa. However, we would not partner with an organization or service we did not feel brings value to our readers. Opinions are 100% our own.

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