Pregnancy Advice – What I Wish I Knew

When I was pregnant I remember receiving a lot of advice, looking back now I realize how much was unhelpful. Here are the top three things I wish I knew during pregnancy, before I became a mother. 

1. Breastfeeding is hard.

Breastfeeding comes naturally to a lot of women and not so naturally to just as many. I had a hard time figuring how to help my baby latch and the more I wanted the process to work, the more frustrated I became. Now I know there were a few things I could have done to make the process easier for myself. 

Study. Read about breastfeeding, take a course, ask a mom-friend, or ask a family member about their experience.

Build a support network. That friend you asked or that family member, keep their number handy, along with the lactation consultant and your pump manual. Having a support system can make it easier to deal with issues and can help to get you through those rougher feeds. 

Everyone is different and with preparation, the whole process will go a lot smoother.

2. Save your money.

Do you really need that miracle $500 baby swing? Probably not. When my daughter was born she had acid reflux so we went through a phase where we tried everything possible to help her sleep inclined to reduce the reflux, as a result we didn’t use half of the stuff we bought for her. Luckily, we were able to return a lot of the stuff that didn’t work and use that money towards things we needed like extra burp cloths and an inclined rocker.

Best advice is to start with the basics and buy the rest after baby arrives. If you really want to splurge go ahead,  just keep the receipts!

3. This too Shall Pass.

This was one piece of advice I did receive when I was pregnant. I try to share it with as many new parents as I can. Babies change so quickly the first few months of their lives, almost week-to-week. If your baby is being particularly fussy or difficult just remember that in about a weeks time your little one will be on to something else, for better or worse, but that too shall pass. 

Know someone that is soon to be a first time mom? What advice would you give?

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